Souls for Smuggler's Shiv: Final resting place of the Sea Bitch

The Crabbening

Maud Errington noticed the red mantis tattoo on Sasha Nevah’s back and questions her about it. Belemir had a go at her about it and she was immediately upset. Seebo tried to comfort her but she ran into the forest.

Unfortunately, Maud failed to catch up with her but the party was able to follow her tracks but were ambushed by some dimorphodons. Maud and Belemir heard the flapping of wings and ducked but Seebo failed to duck in time and copped a nasty bite. Belemir trew a grappling hook and SPECTACULARLY brought down the mother dimorphodon and grappled it on the floor, where it was beheaded by Maud as she cartwheeled past.

As this happened Sasha was running through being chased by a male dimorphodon, and was bitten and poisoned. A heroic rock was thrown into the baby dimorphodon, hurting its wing, and sending hurtling to the ground and knocking it unconscious. Sasha, went to stabilise it, and the male dimorphodon attacked Belemir knicking him unconscious and scratching him up badly.

During the night, a monster was seen by Boris keeping watch and when he cast dancing lights, the monster flew overhead and looked like a dragon to Maud.

At this point, Jask, hearing the sounds of battle arrived on the scene. Maud viciously attacked the male dimorphodon and killed it with Seebo Garrick.

The party located some cliffs, and a dimorphodon lair.

During the evening the party made Belemir their leader, and Sasha showed Seebo Garrick, Maud Errington, Belemir and Pritchard the ways of the Red Mantis (for a day). Maud offered Aerys some booze.

Pritchard and Maud went swimming and were nearly devoured by a shark.

The party heard of a treasure map from Ishirou after Belemir said Aerys would be really interested in a treasure map.

The party returned to the dimorphodon nest, raiding eggs.

Belemir single handedly scaled the cliffs on the northern ridges of the shiv with his trusty grappling hook. He saw the wreck of a ship, a cave and an odd clearing. Not wanting to abandon his grappling hook went back to dislodge it, and found a new way down, but unfortunately lost his balance and fell 5 feet into the arms of a heroically leaping Maud.

The party returned to camp for dimorphodon omelettes and it rained heavily. Ishirou watched as he has spent the day resting.

The party journeyed to the shipwreck, where they investigated and Maud beat a skeleton to dust, before Jask disintegrated the skeletons with channelled energy.

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