Souls for Smuggler's Shiv: Final resting place of the Sea Bitch

The Crabbening

Maud Errington noticed the red mantis tattoo on Sasha Nevah’s back and questions her about it. Belemir had a go at her about it and she was immediately upset. Seebo tried to comfort her but she ran into the forest.

Unfortunately, Maud failed to catch up with her but the party was able to follow her tracks but were ambushed by some dimorphodons. Maud and Belemir heard the flapping of wings and ducked but Seebo failed to duck in time and copped a nasty bite. Belemir trew a grappling hook and SPECTACULARLY brought down the mother dimorphodon and grappled it on the floor, where it was beheaded by Maud as she cartwheeled past.

As this happened Sasha was running through being chased by a male dimorphodon, and was bitten and poisoned. A heroic rock was thrown into the baby dimorphodon, hurting its wing, and sending hurtling to the ground and knocking it unconscious. Sasha, went to stabilise it, and the male dimorphodon attacked Belemir knicking him unconscious and scratching him up badly.

During the night, a monster was seen by Boris keeping watch and when he cast dancing lights, the monster flew overhead and looked like a dragon to Maud.

At this point, Jask, hearing the sounds of battle arrived on the scene. Maud viciously attacked the male dimorphodon and killed it with Seebo Garrick.

The party located some cliffs, and a dimorphodon lair.

During the evening the party made Belemir their leader, and Sasha showed Seebo Garrick, Maud Errington, Belemir and Pritchard the ways of the Red Mantis (for a day). Maud offered Aerys some booze.

Pritchard and Maud went swimming and were nearly devoured by a shark.

The party heard of a treasure map from Ishirou after Belemir said Aerys would be really interested in a treasure map.

The party returned to the dimorphodon nest, raiding eggs.

Belemir single handedly scaled the cliffs on the northern ridges of the shiv with his trusty grappling hook. He saw the wreck of a ship, a cave and an odd clearing. Not wanting to abandon his grappling hook went back to dislodge it, and found a new way down, but unfortunately lost his balance and fell 5 feet into the arms of a heroically leaping Maud.

The party returned to camp for dimorphodon omelettes and it rained heavily. Ishirou watched as he has spent the day resting.

The party journeyed to the shipwreck, where they investigated and Maud beat a skeleton to dust, before Jask disintegrated the skeletons with channelled energy.

(Add loot)

Wreck of the Sea Bitch

At dawn Belémir Stockton woke the camp to look at glowing forms in the surf that only he could see. The party walked along the beach to the wreck of the Sea Bitch.

The visit confirmed that the Sea Bitch would never sail again. A sharp ridge of rock near the side of the sheer cliff wall prevented the wreck from sinking entirely into the sea, and only the stern survived the wreck. This portion was wedged at an angle between the cliff and the rocks, and each wave shook and tossed the wreck alarmingly. A closer investigation revealed the ship’s only lifeboat was crushed between the wreck and the rocks.

Gelik and Aeris went aboard the ship, while Jask stayed back on the rocks. The adventurers ventured forth, only to be accosted by a giant lobster, which was duly defeated. This was achieved however, without any help from Aerys who critically failed, shooting herself in the foot, and dropping her bow.

There was a blocked door which Boris helpfully had heard a song about. “Doors, you say? Cracker of a band.” he said before smashing the door to splinters with his mighty Gnomish fists.

Behind the door was the body of Alton Devers, the first mate. Who was seen to have the scars of battle, but also inflamed stings. It was, in the end, poison which finished him off. Maud cast aside all respect for this man, and promptly robbed his corpse, not thinking to give the man a burial.

In the larder was stuffed the body of Rambar Terillo, the ships cook, who had two bite marks apparently from a very large snake on his neck. His body was left to rot in the larder as the party walked over his corpse to gather the few remaining supplies.

In the captain’s quarters, there was a large desk, with the upper drawer containing several keys—one of these fit Jask’s manacles, and he was freed. Another drawer contained several sea charts and maps, along with the captain’s log.

A search of the supply room turned up several tools and lumber that could come in handy in building a secure campsite: a block and tackle, three large canvas sheets, two fishing nets, a grappling hook, two bullseye lanterns, 12 flasks of lantern oil, 150 feet of hemp rope, and five shovels.

It won’t be long before the constant pounding of the waves dislodges the wreck and allows the hungry sea to claim the last of this once-fine ship.

As they returned to camp, Boris made bestest buds forever with Gelik Aberwhinge as they bonded over a classic gnomish chant.

The maps included one of the west coast of Garund that plots the Sea Bitch’s route to and from Sargava—the island of Smuggler’s Shiv is not marked on this map, but it is marked on a second map of Desperation Bay, though the map provides no details on the island apart from its general outline and a note warning of danger.

A poisonous snake unwisely wandered into camp and was promptly beaten to death!

Aerys critically failed once more, and her weapon was temporarily confiscated by Belemir. “GIVE ME THAT BEFORE YOU HURT YOURSELF” he bellowed, snatching the bow from her tremulous hands.

Castaway Bay

Our adventurers, Boris the half-orc (dire gnome?) bard, Seebo Garrick the albino (actual) gnome fighter, Maud the lady of high society and spy and Belemir the half elf inquisitor of Abadar have embarked on the ill fated last voyage of the Sea Bitch.

After a giant crab crawled upon the deck, and being not at all intimidated by Belemir, it was distracted by a brightly dressed half orc after missing with both its mighty claws.

Belemir, using one of the ship’s docking hooks and rope took advantage of the situation as the gallant adventurers beat the crab senseless. Crab chowder was enjoyed by all, and Belemir having gained the achievement Krab King Killer now has a +1 to all attacks vs crustaceans.

The crab chowder, though delicious, was poisoned!

Boris and Maud were rudely awakened by the native eurypterids taking exploratory nips at their feet for lunch. However, this ultimately proved to be their undoing as our illustrious heroes curbstomped the offending lobsters into the ground. Boris heroically tore off the stinger of one eurypterid and hurled it through the brain-pan of another, saving the party from (un)certain death.

Boris gains the ability to sing “Rock Lobster” as a spell like ability, granting:

School evocation [sonic]; Level bard 1

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one creature
Duration instantaneous; see text
Saving Throw Fortitude partial (see text); Spell Resistance yes

You unleash a powerful song, targeting a single crustacean. The target is dazed for 1 round and takes 1d6 points of sonic damage per two caster levels (maximum 5d6). A successful save negates the daze effect and halves the damage.

The party ventured forth, and found a pool of water to restock their dwindling supplies near their landfall and they set up camp for the evening. It is now night, there are ghosts in the surf and predators stalking the night…..


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