Maud Errington


Maud is a lithe and beautiful socialite turned adventurer. She was born to a noble and wealthy Taldan family from the capital of Oppara. Her father is a highly successful merchant who boasts to have a hand in almost all shipping in and out of Oppara’s docks. Maud’s interests, however, lie outside the confines of the city and the life preordained for her by her father.

As a young lady, Maud was to be married to the scion of a noble house. However, she thought such a life would suit her ill. She opted instead to steal away into the night and start upon a new path; one she could call her own. Despite her youth, Maud was quite aware of the amount of gold required to sustain her accustomed lifestyle. Furthermore, as she came from a life of ease and boredom, Maud craved excitement and new experiences. These desires made the life of an adventurer uniquely appealing. She joined the Pathfinder Society in order to acquire fabulous wealth it is true, but also to see the world and sample exotic cultures.

It was in the sampling of such culture that Maud developed a somewhat consuming appetite for hard liquor and liberal fornication. In fact, if it were not for her fine lace and silken attire, she might be taken for what might be described as a ‘drunken whore’. As it stands however, some do instead take her for what might be described as a ‘well-dressed drunken whore’. This is, of course, as much to her chagrin as it is perfectly true.

Maud Errington

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